The Mayor's Testimony

I was born Robert Arnold H. in central MO in the mid 60's, the youngest of 6.  My mother got sick and they took us from my dad at 15 months old.  My next oldest sister (Annette) and I were put into a foster home in a little town in Northern Illinois.

Years passed and at 7 years old my sister and I were adopted.   Now I'm Robert Beau James W. and I grew up in Alden Illinois.  I started going to church at a very young age so I always knew who JESUS was, but as a lot of young kids, I started drinking, smoking pot and cigs.  Still enjoying hearing about Jesus, at 17 I stopped going to church and started studying on my partying habits.  For the next 13 years I became a pro at it.

We always knew our parents and siblings. When I was 24 I got a call that my biological father got sick and passed from cancer.     This hit me very hard and the partying got worse.  On October 6, 1996 I got a phone call from a woman I didn't even know asking me if I wanted to come for dinner .  Like any man, I said sure.  She asked what I liked and I told her.  A week later I went to her apartment (not knowing this beautiful, a little older woman) had very little, but she made dinner for me anyway.

Well you know what they say (a way to a man's heart is through his tummy) - On December 31st 1997 I married this woman.  Still partying (but not as bad) we set out on a journey together not thinking about what plans God had for us.  I didn't really think much past a beer and a lefty anyway.  In 2001 we started going back to my childhood church cause I was starting to feel that something was left out.

I was still doing the things I was doing and not realizing my wife was not happy with it.  I had been plowing snow for a number of years and got a call from a guy that wanted me to plow, so I went and met him.  We started talking and he told me he was a Christian and invited us to his church.  So awhile later (2008) we went for a Praise & Worship night.  Kinda strange I thought cause my church didn't do things that way.  A few months later we went to Sunday service and I knew right at that moment - this was the church for us because I understood what the Pastor was preaching.

I was still drinking and didn't realize that God was not at all happy with my sin.  A couple of weeks passed and I saw this guy (Rocker) at church with a BFC patch.  I never wanted to be part of a biker group.  We talked for a few and that was it.

On June 1, 2009 I went on the last bender I would ever go on.  The next day I had a voice in m head that said "That's enough son it's my turn!"

I talked to "Rocker" that next Sunday and told him we wanted to be a part of BFC.  A few months later we were members.

I've been a biker since I was a kid - just wanting to be a lone wolf.  Now we ride with Jesus on our backs and I love witnessing to people when we go out.

In 2013 we had a house fire.  I've never been a patient man but that night I had a peace over me that I can't describe.  I knew right then God had my back and that I needed to Relax.  My brothers and sisters in Christ were immediately at our side and I am forever grateful for thm.

Well it's now 2017.  I've been married to my beautiful wife for 19 years.  I don't know how she put up with me.  I been a member of BFC for 7 years and the Lord is still working on me.  This last year was rough.  My faith was slipping a little, but God still reminds me - that He has our backs!!!

To all my BFC Bro's n Sis's - We love you and thanks for helping me through the rough times cause without you I'm not sure how things would be.


Robert "The Mayor" W.

Previously known as "Bubba"