Pastor Dave's story:

April of 2008 my wife and I were invited to lunch at Pizza Hut in Lake Geneva Wi., we were told that it was important so we were there wondering what the meeting was about. Praying about the meeting that morning the Lord told me I would be ok with the meeting. Upon arrival one of the persons we were meeting with was there in a truck with a 1994 Harley Davidson motorcycle on a trailer. When the second person arrived the man in the truck reached in his pocket and said to my wife and I that we have a difficult job and they wanted us to have fun as he handed me the title to the motorcycle, requesting to remain anonymous. My wife Pat said ďare you sure about thisĒ? I could not speak and I donít remember lunch.

            One week earlier Pat had asked me if I could borrow someoneís motorcycle so we could have fun doing something together. People donít usually just lend you their Harley I said and wondered how I could accommodate her request. God heard and answered in a way I never could imagine, I remember trying to explain this to people when I rode this beautiful machine with 19,000 miles on it back to church. Crying is something I still do when I think about this awesome gift God has provided. Grace is what I think of when I see it. Receiving a precious gift is not as easy as it may seem, because it reminds me of how unworthy I really am and how loving God truly is. Each ride is a reminder of the endless possibilities with God and I believe I like riding more than I thought I would.  God never ceases to amaze me, and I have learned that when my wife asks for something to be ready for anything.

Pastor Dave Adams