Here is my testimony. 

I was broken, but was made whole through Christ.  I was lost, but was found in Jesus.  I was lonely but am loved by my Lord.  I grew up in “church” at a mainline Christian denomination.  I went through Sunday school, confirmation class, high school youth group, retreats, bible camp and even attended a denomination college.  Growing up I heard the song “Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so.”  So from an early age I believed what I heard in the Word that Jesus was my savior that he died for my sins and since I believe in Him I have eternal life.  I know my ultimate destination.

Jesus being my Lord was another issue.   I went through the motions and did “church” but my personal choices, attitudes and decisions were mostly under my jurisdiction.  Then when I was 13 I attended my first youth group weekend retreat at bible camp.  It was then where I said in my heart of hearts that I wanted to be part of this – that I wanted to follow Jesus as my Lord.  I then had a compass for my journey in life.

I am no Mother Theresa or some Christian poster child.  I am a dirty rotten sinner, but I pray for forgiveness of my sins regularly and seek to obey Christ through the Holy Spirit.  The road I would take without Christ is filled with pot holes, slick spots, fierce winds and devils bent on head-on collisions that would force me off the cliffs to a fiery death.  Life with Jesus as my Lord and Savior means that He can turn my fears to courage, my uncertainties to certainties and my doubt to faith.  The high road is the best road.  The path is mapped out in the bible, prayer is my gps and Jesus is my friend, my Savior and my Lord.  JT