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Jeff's home church runs a food booth at Chocolate Fest every year to sponsor their youth group.  Our BFC chapter was asked to pitch in and provide a few extra sets of hands to help out.  This booth supports the youth group of Mt. Zion, offsetting the cost of camp, mission trips and other activities, thus relieving major financial burdens that would fall upon the parents.

This booth has been managed by Phil and Nancy Molitor for several years.  They put a lot of hard-work and planning into this event every year to make it a success.  It was terrific working with the Molitors and with many of the teens as well.

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Here is Phil cooking corn with Jeff and Kevin horsing around at the Grill.

jeffcook1.jpg (560261 bytes)

Jeff - Master Chef!

jeffkevcook1.jpg (640661 bytes)

Kevin and Jeff

"It cooks faster when you watch it!"

bfcs1.jpg (685803 bytes)

"I see biker people!"

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Phil, Jeff and Kevin

boothbanner2.jpg (804022 bytes)

BFC Banner hanging out in front of the booth

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We got busy!

nap.jpg (707537 bytes)

Phil taking a much needed nap!

server1.jpg (582985 bytes)

The food prep table

teens1.jpg (683533 bytes)

Some of the teens hamming it up with Jenice

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