BFC - Wisconsin's very first Biker Blessing and Pancake Breakfast held at Mt. Zion Church in Lake Geneva, WI on May 16th, 2009

Well, the day was a chilly one and windy with temps topping about 55 and wind about the same.  We had about 40 people attend with maybe 20 from the local CMA chapter.  Its always good to see our fellow Christian riders. Thanks Jim for putting the word out. 

People from Woodstock and Crystal Lake attended as well as more local folks from East Troy.  We even had one lady in her car hear about the bike blessing going on.  She was traveling from Kenosha and heard our radio spot so she stopped and asked where the church was and drove over.  We were winding down the event so she called me after the event and well see her at the CMA blessing in Bristol next month.  It was truly a blessed event.  We had some people attend from the Mt. Zion food pantry.  It was just a great time of fellowship with folks all for the glory of God.  We feasted on pancakes and sausage, coffee and juice. 

The ride was about 40 miles and took us on nothing but rustic roads most of the way.  We rode all the way up to Rochester and then back a different route.  Most of the CMA members broke off in Rochester since they were out that way.  We had a couple hang with us though because they thought the roads were so fun based on the first half of the ride. 

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