Woman's Testimony

As a young girl in a very small town in Harmon, Illinois, my future looked pretty bleak...it was the early 1960's.  My biological father had nothing to do with me.  As a result my mother found a man that was 27 years older and an alcoholic who lost every job he had and we were very poor. 

As a child I witnessed my mother's severe depresssion.  On a beautiful sunny day I came home to this scene: my step father standing beside my mother who was lying on the bed with a butcher knife up to her throat.  Then the ambulance came to take her to a facility in East Moline, Il.  My sister and I were whisked away to relatives homes until she got off of the "diet pills" she had been taking.  This along with her unforgiveness for my biological father - left her a very unhappy soul.

We were sent to our little United Methodist church every Sunday an it was the only place that I was happy and people really cared about me!  That is where I first met Jesus.  I loved feeling like there was someone who cared about me and that He would never leave me nor forsake me!  I always found solace in a church and people who genuinely love Christ!

As a teenager I was always made fun of - for my weight issues, because I wore glasses, because we were poor and my step-father was old enough to be my grandfather and was a drunk!  Kids can be cruel!  After my step-father died in 1973, my mother, my sister and I moved back to Rock Falls and Sterling, IL.  I was in High School then.  Along came another man in our lives and things were not better - then they married and my brother was born when I was 16 years old.   I continued to find solace at church until my mother and cousin told me not to be a "Bible thumper" like cousins who went to church with me.

I had a very bad relationship with my mothers husband.  He was not kind to my sister and I and made very unrealistic rules for me.  I was in college then and moved out of their house because of his judgements and I felt that I was always put in the middle of him and my mother so I left and the absense of my church going just led me into many empty relationships with any man that would pay attention to me.

This led to many empty years of accomplishing nothing but divorces from men that I thought would make me "HAPPY".  The only thing that saved me from this "WRECKAGE" was the day that I told my new husband Bob that I wanted to go back to church because I finally realized that life without Christ just was not worth living!  Bob agreed to come with me and he also had been raised to go to a small town church- so he finally stopped his alcoholic habits and we found Christ again together.  We learned that even though things in our lives are not always "ROSY", it always goes better when we look to God as the leader of our marriage, finances and everything!  Bikers for Christ has brought us another family and we love being with our brothers and sisters-in-Christ and sharing our love for Him and riding our motorcycles together!  I especially love meeting other bikers from different areas and praying with them and for them.  Bringing hope of an eternity with Christ forever more is such an honor.  Our prayer is that we can be instrumental in big or small ways to help win souls for Jesus.

God has helped us through so many mountains and valleys.  We went through a terrible fire in 2013 but we could not see or understand that what Satan meant for harm, God meant for good!  All of our earthly "possessions" were gone, but we were still here, God tells us that this is not our home and that we should store our treasures in heaven!  He replaced that old home with a brand new one and as long as we seek Him, he has never left us!  We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  So please, my friend, don't go on your life's journey alone!  You have a Father in heaven who died for you and wants to always be with you.