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Note from Jeff H., our Chapter Elder, regarding his "solo" trip out to Sturgis this year:

Well, I wore my vest around pretty much when ever I was out and about.  I was there for work first off.  So riding and sight seeing was limited to after 5:00 pm.  

I got one day off while I was there.  So, I spend it with Pastor Z and the Bikers for Christ members.  I spent the whole day with them and even ate dinner with him and his wife and a couple of other BFC members.  It was a great time to ask him questions.  He knew who I was and even invited me personally to eat dinner with him.  Let me tell you, he is a fantastic person.   He's fun to watch.  He is filled with the Holy Spirit and he is constantly spreading the word.  Even while at the restaurant, he was busy passing out tracts to who ever walked by.  He even headed over to the bar and handed them out to folks sitting there.  Weather the people read the tracts or was still planting the seed.   It was great.  We were planning on heading into Sturgis to hand out tracts but while eating, a nasty storm blew in with reports of golf ball sized hail.  You don't mess with that.  So, we decided to forego the invasion onto Sturgis for that evening. 
The story behind the first picture below is we were in Wall SD. where the famous Wall Drug Store is located.  There was a police officer asking questions about how nice it was to see a club of Christian motorcyclists instead of the usual.  So, a couple of the gals in BFC began having fun with her and asked her to make it look like they were being busted.  The officer didn't know quite how to take it but was a good sport. 
The second photo is one of myself and pastor Z.    It was taken on a ride we did out to the Badlands.  We had a very good time and the fellowship made me feel very blessed to be amongst all of these fellow Christians who simply got together to spread the word for the love of the Lord. 

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