I am originally from Puerto Rico and relocated in Wisconsin. I am a biker as well and to give you my background, I grew up in the Catholic Church. I played in bands as a kid in the local church and school. But as I turned 18 my life turned for the bad. Although I never used drugs, I did abuse alcohol a lot. I would return home from working three and sometimes four weeks straight and get home to get drunk. I never enjoyed my kids because every time I was home, I was drunk. I did pay the price though, I lost my trucking business, my family and it felt that my world was turning dark.  I felt like if I was laying on the ground and every time I tried to stand up, someone was pushing me down to the ground again and again. I remember thinking “Man what I am doing to myself”. No one understood me, not even me.

In 2008 after a bad divorce, and losing everything because alcoholism, I hit rock bottom. Somehow I knew that an element was missing in my life. On Father’s day 2010 I returned to church seeking that missing part. I remember entering in that church feeling that Jesus Christ looked at me and said “welcome back son”.  Although I was struggling, hurting, full of hate, and deeper in my alcoholism, I was persistent and continued to attend that church. As stated in the bible, “As iron sharpens iron, people sharpens other people”, God gave me the opportunity to meet my current wife, who introduced me to a different church. I visited and immediately surrendered my life to the Lord. From that point on the Lord’s love for me started to work. Going to church I learned a lot of things. First, that God died on the cross to pay for my sins. And let me tell you that means a lot to me. I felt relief from that heavy burden that was almost impossible to carry. Shortly after I was baptized.  Today, my life has changed positively. I have a family, a job, friends and more importantly a relationship with my creator, Jesus Christ.

On 2014, I moved from Florida to Wisconsin, yeah big change. On day one, my wife and I looked for a church and found MT. Zion. There we learned about Bikers for Christ Ministries in which we found not only beautiful bikes, but amazing people that I call “FAMILY” that share the same values that I share as a Christian. They showed me love, they encourage and support me and my wife in this amazing walk with Christ. I never felt this way and so much love. This family makes me feel special despite the fact that everyone rides Harley Davidson's and I am the only one with a Honda Gold Wing. Now, as a member I love to participate in the group events, and sharing the Gospel with other bikers.   

This journey is been the best thing that has happened to me. The walk with God has allowed me to be a better person. I am far from perfect and the work of God is a continuous effort, but I am way better than 8 years ago and I know the same way God help me, He can help you as well.