Jenice’s Testimony

 Not sure where to begin how Christ has changed my life but here goes.

In growing up in a Catholic family we were encouraged to go to church every Sunday along with Sunday school. My mother bribed us with hot cocoa and donuts before church.

When I was about 10 years of age I went to Bible school with my friend. They offered at the end of the class anyone who wanted to accept Christ raise their hand and they would pray over them. I did.  So, from that point on my journey started.

By the time I was sixteen my life of drinking started and by the time I was 17 I had experienced sex and by the time I was 18 experienced aborting a child. My weekends started on Wednesday night with girls night out and night clubs on the weekend, looking for men.

That type of lifestyle went on for a couple of years and when I was twenty I married a man who came from a Christian background. I soon converted and became stronger in my faith.  He changed my life forever. Six months after marrying I noticed he started telling me how to dress, who to see, what time to be home, and what friends to see. When I began to ask questions things got ugly. The abuse started. I had plants thrown at me, my cats thrown at me. My bruises started at my breast down to my hips. I was humiliated in front of friends.  When I wore jeans when we had company over he’s make me go and change in front of them. I slept with a shot gun under the bed which was brought into our bed from time to time.  This went on for 7 years and finally getting on my knees asking God to help me get out of there.  My counselor told me to get out of there. Finally the last fight was the toughest. I wore a pair of pants home that wasn’t approved by him and told him I was not putting up with this anymore and he got up off the couch grabbed my throat and choked me till I fell to the floor. I got my legs up over his head to pull him off me.  I ran a mile in a half to get help. I never went back. My Dad cried when he found out what I had been through. I believed in marriage. I divorced.

After getting my life back, I found a man who really loved me. He bought be everything and wrote me beautiful love letters to me. After being divorce for about 31/2 years I remarried with a big wedding that my Dad and Mom wanted for me in the beginning.  Two- an- a- half years after we were married I noticed that he wasn’t coming home till after bar time. He had many friends in the police and fire departments who kept him at the fire station.  By this time in my life I fell away from Christ and my beliefs. So since my husband was out doing the wrong things so could I. I wanted revenge after my last marriage and I wanted to hurt him as much as he had been hurting me. I didn’t realize I was hurting myself more. When he came to me and said he didn’t want me or our house ( my house I had purchased before we were married) or children, I left and went back to my folks.  Being kicked when I was down I found a friend who I had known for a couple of years who helped me get over the pain.

Living back in my folk’s house and going out with my friend, the biker. He showed me a life which as exciting and on the road. Running into all sorts of people, I learned the life of what it was like being a biker b……Shortly after a year I married the man.  I remember going to a Hell’s Angel funeral and seeing all the flowers from around the world. I saw how they treated their own. While standing at the funeral another biker came over to my husband and pulled him off and asked him if he could buy me. (Once you are sold off, you will always be sold off to other men. Even if you were married) He told him NO, and that we didn’t do that stuff. I was so thankful. I loved him all the more because he wanted to keep me and love me. During the first 2 years of that marriage I was told I could not have children.  I felt my life settling down and I found myself praying more and I found a church and I liked. My two grandmothers always wanted me go to church. In my church I prayed for peace. I felt dirty and like the worse scum of the earth for the way I had lived my life. I still carried the gilt of the abuse. I wanted to feel whole again. I wanted to get rid of the baggage I was carrying all those years. I wanted to feel loved.

December 2,1992  my grandmother died.  I lost my grandmother who always wanted me to have children. I went into the doctor to get my monthly birth control pills but first I had to take a pregnancy test. It came back a high positive. They took another test. Again a high count came back. They took and ultrasound and found no baby only a fetal pull. They told me to come back in a two weeks. I did. I found then I had a baby. By this time it was two weeks to the date of my grandmother dying. They day she died was the day I became pregnant.  A prayer that I believe was my proof God was working in my life and it took my grandmother to confirm never give up on Christ. He will carry you during your bad times and use you to tell the story of how God carried you.

Money became everything in our marriage. We were friends but things weren’t right in my world. My life was changing because of my son. I was by myself all the time. I was biking myself and with other friends. I found myself alone again. I had our son and found myself alone.

Another divorce!

I said after this, I wouldn’t get married again. That didn’t last long and I did. I am now married to wonderful man who seeks Christ face. One who loves me unconditionally, like Christ has for us. He has taught me to get rid all the past and live in today. We pray together at meals, we go to Bible Studies, church and we were led to start this Bikers for Christ ministry. God has led us to Christ. We are new creatures in Christ the old has past and the new has taken on.  Jeff puts up with my struggles from time to time.  I have repented of my past life. I KNOW that Christ is with me and with Jeff. I can only pray that we can show our children that life is different with Christ. You live your life for Christ not the dark side. I am very thankful for Christ letting me go through this to be who I am now!

Thanks be to God!!!!!