JP's Testimony

My story is, my parents got divorced when I was 10.  I grew up with my grand parents.  I did attend Sunday school at a local church and I learned about Jesus.  But after moving a lot I didn't  get much church and in fifth grade, I skipped school.  

When we moved to Harvard I got in with a group who did drugs.  I met a beautiful girl.  We dated for six years.  She was my first love.  But she started sleeping around with another guy after a few years.

One night I was crying in my bed and asked God to send me a good woman.  Two weeks later I met my ex-wife.  She was a Christian woman.  She took me to church with her cousin.  Then we would go to church events.  On May 9, 2001 we were at a magic show.  The magician talked about repenting and accepting Jesus into our heart.  That night I accepted God.  I started to do stuff in church.  After a couple years my wife and I started to have no communication with each other.  I was not doing my Shepard duty.  She worked a lot. Two years in our marriage I started watching porn.  I would sneak downstairs and watch it.  One day she found out.  She asked why I was watching that stuff.  I told her I didn't know.  I felt my relationship was slipping away.  After 7 years we got divorced.  I prayed a lot and cried to God.  The Lord told me He would help me.  Now I feel more involved in His will and I met my beautiful girlfriend.