I haven't always been a good church going girl. I was addicted to weed and drank occasionally in high school.   I've never felt like I belonged in school or any kind of organized anything.  Most of my friends were older guys. But since I met my husband when I was 18 things have changed." We met in a club and were married a year and a half later.  Friend invited us to go to church with them so we went. The first time in church was very different then I thought it would be.  People were very friendly when we walked in the door.  They offered to help us find a seat and a cup of coffee.  Never asked us about our sin or judge us like I thought they would. We went occasionally but that changed after our first son was born when we started going all the time. I found it very important for our children to grow up in church.  When our third child Jacob was born everything was great until he was 6 months old and started seizing. He would seize multiple times a day no matter what we did. We shipped in medication from Canada and saw specialists; it took a huge toll on my faith we had to pretty much live in the children's hospital. Why would God do this to us, to Jacob? I was mad. Mad at Myself, Mad at the Doctors, Mad at God. My Husband made me go to Celebrate Recovery at our church; it was a great place to go for help with my anger. It's an uphill battle every day, and Jacob is getting better.  I know WE'RE all going to be ok. The passage that helped me through it all was: Jeremiah 29:11