Blondie's Testimony

My journey to the Lord began early in my life.  I grew up with knowing of the Lord and feeling I had some sort of calling very young in my life.  I remember telling my mom at about the age of 8 that I wanted to be a nun!  Well I grew into being a teenager and discovered boys.  Do I say more...

Jumping ahead many, many years... I always knew of the Lord.  I tried several different religions but until I was hit by a truck in August of 1998, it was then I truely FELT the Lord inside me and all around me.  He put his arms around me and protected me.  He saved my life that day and many days after.  Even after the accident, I still was not saved.  It wasn't until September 2006 that I heard Pastor Dave preach at church one Sunday.  He said "If you have not asked God for forgiveness of your sins, come to the altar now.  Ask. Surrender to Him now.  Don't leave today without coming to Him."  I went to the altar.  I surrendered.  I cried... I asked for forgiveness and I prayed and prayed.

Since that day I have continued to grow in my faith with our Lord.  I took a mission trip to Costa Rica in July of 2014 that brought me closer to my church family and serving the Lord.   I've learned over the years one of the hardest things to learn is:

 It's in HIS TIME NOT OUR TIME!  So keep praying, keep believing and keep the Faith.